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Our group is high-tech enterpriseof China, "Contract and trustworthy enterprise" AAA unit of Zhejiang Province, the eximious taxpayer and Top-100 private enterprise of Hangzhou city; our "Dahua" trademark is the famous trademarks of Zhejiang Province and potassium carbonate is the famous brand product of Zhejiang Province. The company passed ISO9001 international quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and cleaner production certification, won AAA credit enterprise by financial system these years.

Founded in 1976, our group now is a comprehensive group enterprise with Zhejiang Share Bio-pharm Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dahua Biotech Co., Ltd., Zhejiang K-sheng Bio-pharm Co., Ltd.., Shanghai Taiyang Chemical Co., Ltd., Julu County Kaisheng Biotech Co., Ltd., Jiande Hengyang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jiande Dayang Water Co., Ltd. as holding companies and subsidiaries. We are the largest manufacturer in China for potassium carbonate and fluorine-containing products, with the biggest outputs and highest market shares. Main products: APIs of veterinary drugs: Amprolium HCl, Ceftiofur sodium, Ceftiofur hydrochloride, Cefquinome sulfate, decoquinate; Pharmaceutical materials: COLISTIN SULPHATE B; Inorganic chemicals: potassium carbonate , potassium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride; Fine chemicals: 2-Chloro-6-fluorobenzaldehyde, 2-Chloro-6-fluorobenzyl chloride of fluorine-containing for more than 20 products, nanometer titanium dioxide, hemiacetal, succinic acid and other fine chemicals. The company always insists quality first and the qualified rate passes 100% in national quality inspection center of inorganic salt sample testing.

We lay great stress on technical innovations, and founded province-level R&D Center and Bio-Drugs R&D Center under the cooperation of Zhejiang University. With the help of an experienced and young research team, we have obtained 9 inventive patents and 7 utility model patents. We also have finished several important projects of China, province and city, including: "hi-tech industrialization example engineering project for the production of ammonium chloride in the treatment technology of waste water containing ammonium nitrogen" of NDRC (National Development and Reform Committee) for the key project of hi-tech industrialization of cycle economy; "Preclinical study of trichodermin as the new kind of innovative antitumor drug" of key project of technology for the creation and production of "important new drug" of MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology), and other projects of our province and city.

Our company owns the power plant, self-pumping, sewage treatment centers, freight terminals, infrastructure, production facilities and strategic location, convenient transportation and sound logistics service. Moreover, we have license to have import and export business independently.

Our company has management team of unity, cooperation, strong effectiveness, business, technical precision, integrity, high-quality with senior title. Our business strategy: People-oriented, market-oriented, quality for survival, technology for development and management for effectiveness.

Faith is the foundation of enterprise development; we look forward to working with you and achieving bright future!